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Become a citizen of Cyprus – a European Union Country – by investing with CrossCut Real Estate under the Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus PR program offers non-EU nationals guaranteed permanent residency within 2 months with a single, secure, real estate investment of €300,000. It applies to the investor, their spouse dependent children up to age 25 and the parents of the applicant and spouse. What’s more, the permits are valid forever! The process is extremely straightforward and can even be arranged remotely.

Benefits of Permanent Residence Permit

Living in Cyprus automatically means an enormous number of benefits from many perspectives in all sectors. Some of the most relevant benefits regarding a successful application are:

  • Fast, secure and easy process (2 months).
  • No renewals needed as Cyprus Residence Permit is a lifetime permit.
  • Covers all the family members (children, grandparents, parents).
  • 5-Star level of education where children can be benefited from (Schools and Universities)
  • All the holders of the Cyprus permanent residence permit are entitled to apply for a Schengen Visa through any Schengen European Embassy
  • No inheritance tax applies in Cyprus.

Requirements of Permanent Residence Permit

  • Legal proof presenting an annual income of minimum €30,000 transferred from abroad. For every dependent person there is an extra €5,000 for each.
  • Possession of a clean criminal record.
  • Do not need to reside in Cyprus if the persons included in the permit visit the island of Cyprus for at least once every 2 years.
  • Duration of the process: 2 months since the application’s submission date
  • The applicant should own a property (sold for the first time by a licensed real estate development company in Cyprus), a house, an apartment or any other building, for a minimum value of €300.000 + VAT (if applicable). However, there is an extra option of:  two independent residences or one independent residence + an office (up to 250m2) or + a shop (up to 100m2) for a minimum value of €300.000 + VAT (if applicable)
  •  The permanent residence permit has the ability to cover the spouse of the applicant, their children under 18, and their unmarried children aged 18-25 if they can prove they are students at a University and they are financially dependent on the applicant.
  • The applicant should confirm that they deposited a minimum capital of €30.000 into an account registered in a Cyprus financial institution. This amount will be pledged for the period of 3 years and they should provide evidence that the amount has been transferred to Cyprus from abroad.
  • The holders of the permanent residence permit must not work in Cyprus. However, they should make Affidavits that they do not intend to engage in any professional activity in Cyprus.

You are more than welcome to request any details or make any questions regarding the program.

Our people can guarantee the smooth implementation of the process by being next to the applicant during every step of the process.